Get your act together. One act at a time.

Meet Marie, an overwhelmed and under-accomplished woman entering adulthood while mourning her deceased father. Today is the day she realizes it’s time to get her life together, and she needs you to help her figure out how she’s going to do it. You’ll guide her one movement at a time towards fulfillment and, just maybe, you’ll learn something about yourself in the process.

Introducing Marie Begins - an immersive Operactive experience in which you’re transformed from passive consumer to active participant. By combining traditional opera with modern multimedia production, interactive web technologies, and a brilliantly modular score, Marie Begins presents this classic art form on an entirely new stage where anyone can be the director. 


"Who is it? Is it an old friend who is kind of annoying now? A weirdly intense neighbor who might become a romantic partner? Marie’s mother? Composer Ellen Fishman lets the audience to choose."

- Peter Crimmins, WHYY | Read Article


Experience Opera Like Never Before.

Introducing the Operactive: an opera composed around a modular score with decision points between each movement (level) designed to let the audience control the flow of the performance in realtime; requiring an interactive multimedia platform or interactive participant technology for realtime audience control.

We've repackaged opera - a timeless art form - into a more immersive and accessible format than ever before. Digital multimedia tools and interactive technologies have converged at a point where we’re finally able to do exactly that: The Operactive experience allows us to empower our audience to move from passive consumer to active participant and interact with this art form for the first time. This is interactive opera. Directed by everyone.


"This interactive opera is unique, fun and is easily relatable. No need to get on your jacket or shoes because this opera was created to be experienced at home."

- Red Curtain Addict | Read Article

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"Marie gives us a new appreciation for the complexities behind the seemingly simplest decisions we make every day."


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